VW disregarded consumer laws of 20 EU members with Dieselgate image

The German automaker can add another headache to its troublesome Dieselgate emissions scandal, as it broke consumer protection laws in 20 EU member states.

The European Commission has decided VW’s emissions cheating shenanigans has led to the breach of consumer protection laws in 20 European Union countries, according to a recent report. EU Consumer Commissioner Vera Jourova announced during a news conference that the Commission was now assessing how many rules VW actually broke by the actual emissions test cheat and then the inaccurate report to authorities and the general public. The laws in question are the Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directives. The first denies companies the right to increase their environmental assessment and the second bans the profit coming out from breaching the first.

Jourova is now set to meet with the group, as well as consumer associations and national consumer protection agencies. “It is not my intention to come with strong action without fair communication with the company. I cannot say I am going to take a stricter approach. I want them to look at the valid legislation and see what they have to do.” VW, already forced to compensate VW owners in the US, is now being pressured by European consumer groups and EU Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska to also compensate the 8.5 million affected owners of cars in Europe.

Via Automotive News Europe