VW does not see a bright future for diesels image

Volkswagen predicts that the market share for diesels could go down as low as 30 percent in the near future, at least in the UK.

Even if the technology is under a lot of scrutiny following Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, the market share for diesel-powered cars is holding quite steadily in Europe, where such models have been highly appreciated by customers in recent years. An inherent light drop has been registered lately, but the downward trend is not that pronounced. Not just yet. “The percentage of diesel will decline. It’s already happening. The first to be affected will be small cars,” said VW Group UK head Paul Willis, quoted by Autocar magazine.

According to a recent report issued by LMC Automotive, diesels’ share fell by 2.2 percent to 50.1 percent in the first four months of his year and by 3.1 percent to 49,7 percent in April in the western part of the continent. As for the diesel market in the UK, it currently accounts for around 55 percent of the new-car sales. But Willis says that, in the near future, they will sit somewhere between 30 and 40 percent, thus going back to the 2005-2007 levels.

While the share for diesel will definitely be affected to some extent by the growing interest in environmentally friendly alternatives, “they will continue to play a significant role in the market for drivers who need flexibility,” he said.

Via Autocar