The German based automaker Volkswagen has recently brought the e-up! to the Hannover Messe Industrie 2013, where Putin and Merkel were the “main attractions”.

After seeing the Russian president along with Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, during the Hannover Messe Industrie 2013, where Russia is the partner country in the world’s biggest industrial fair this year, time has come to focus on another VW vehicle which was brought to the same event. We’re talking about the Volkswagen e-up!, the greenest version of the urban car, which was already unveiled just a few weeks ago.

The Volkswagen e-up! is coming with an electric motor under its hood, which is good for 55 HP (40 kW) of continuous output, and it has a peak of 82 HP (60 kW). The instant torque figure stands at 210 Nm (155 lb-ft), enough for a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint in 14 seconds and a top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph). The lithium-ion battery pack, with 18.7 kWh, is allowing the model to achieve a range of 150 km (93 miles). The e-up! has been optimized and it’s now coming with an upgraded front fascia, LED daytime running lights, chrome accents in the cabin, bespoke leather, light-grey seat covers with blue stitching and 15-inch alloy wheels, amongst others.


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