Vw expand engine production capacity in China image

Vw announced that intends to expand the production capacity of its engine plant in southeastern Chinese city of Changchun to 300,000 units or so, said Beijing Times today, citing an insider from the joint venture. The engine plant will produce naturally-aspirated engines and turbo-charged engines. Also, New products such as the 1.4 TSI engine and VW’s latest DSG (direct shift gearbox) will also be made in the Changchun-based engine factory.

“As VW’s cutting-edge technologies must be applied to more of its vehicles made in China, the local VW engine facility should have larger production capacity and output as well to meet the growing market demands,” said a top executive of VW China’s manufacturing technology unit, who has confirmed the plan for its Changchun engine plant expansion.

The naturally-aspirated engines and turbo-charged engines made and used by Volkswagen in China are able to generate great power with less fuel consumption, which complies with Chinese government’s energy efficiency, eco-friendly requirements for its auto industry.