VW found 430,000 new models with implausible C02 figures image

In a recent announcement, Volkswagen said that it has found approximately 430,000 affected cars with implausible CO2 figures in its 2016-model line-up, the list including now four gasoline engines.

VW’s internal investigations into the current 2016 models lead to narrowing down the vehicles actually affected, from 800,000 cars initially estimated by the company, with implausible C02 figures. From the total 2016 model line-up, 430,046 vehicles are affected across the Group, from VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Volkswagen also released a list of the individual brands’ affected models. The list can be accessed from here. It also said the relevant authorities are being informed of the latest findings and its importers and trading partners as well. The next step will now be, Volkswagen said, for the new CO2 figures to be assessed under the supervision of the German Federal Vehicle and Transport Authority.

On 3 November, the Group had reported that irregularities may have arisen in determining the CO2 figures for type approval of around 800,000 vehicles. Only one gasoline engine was identified at that time, the 1.4-litre in VW Polo with cylinder on demand technology. But now more petrol models are included in the list: 1.0L TSI used in the VW Polo, Seat Ibiza and Leon hatchbacks, as well as 1.8L TFSI of the Leon SC coupe and Sport Tourer wagon and the 2.0L TFSI used in the Golf and Passat. Out of the 430,046 cars identified by the Group, there are 281,617 VWs, 83,282 Skoda models, 32,161 Seat cars, 15.733 Audis and 17.253 VW Commercial vehicles.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, the carmaker will inform German authorities today on a fix for 1.6-liter diesel engines fitted with the cheating software, a person familiar with the plans said. He also added that the proposal is not as complex or expensive as Volkswagen initially feared and could be used across Europe if it is approved in Germany.

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