Volkswagen has released a statement explaining the technical measures for the EA 189 diesel engines affected presented to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. First recalls are expected for January 2016.

The Volkswagen Group has disclosed the specific technical measures for the 1.6 and 2.0 litres EA 189 diesel engines affected by the cheating scandal. The solution was presented to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. After implementation of the technical measures, the vehicles will comply with the applicable emissions standards, Volkswagen stated. The final technical fix for the 1.2-litre diesel engine will be presented to the German regulators at the end of the month and it is expected to comprise a software update.

The fix implies fitting a “flow transformer” directly in front of the air mass sensor on the 1.6-litre EA 189 engine. This is a mesh that calms the swirled air flow in front of the air mass sensor and will thus decisively improves the measuring accuracy of the air mass sensor. The air mass sensor determines the current air mass throughput, which is a very important parameter for the engine management for an optimum combustion process. In addition, a software update will be performed on this engine. The time needed for the implementation of the technical measures is expected to be less than one hour. The 2.0 liter engines will get a software update, with the labor time for this measure to be around half an hour.

Volkswagen says the aim is to implement the required technical update in the first vehicles during a recall from January 2016. According to the current assessment, all measures in the course of the recall for all engine variants will extend over the whole calendar year in 2016.


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