VW Golf 7 GTI gets tuned by HG Motorsport image

The new generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI has been recently upgraded by the aftermarket specialists at HG Motorsport.

The 2014 VW Golf 7 GTI has been recently launched and the fact that it’s wearing the Golf badges on its body means that this will be highly appreciated by hot hatch fans and also by tuning companies. One of the first tuners to give the new generation of the Golf a power boost is named HG Motorsport. The company has fitted the model with an HF Series intercooler, with a sports exhaust system and a carbon fiber air intake, bringing the total output to 263 HP (193 kW) and 376 Nm of torque (277 lb-ft).

This is a significant increase considering the fact that the standard 2.0 liter turbocharged engine is good for 230 HP (169 kW) and 350 Nm of torque (258 lb-ft). Stage 2 will add an optimized ECU which means that the engine will now produce 289 HP (212 kW) and 405 Nm of torque (299 lb-ft). If this is not enough for you than you should know that HG Motorsport will also optimize the unit in order to generate 308 HP (226 kW) and 435 Nm of torque (321 lb-ft). No pricing details have been announced yet.

  • Rui

    Nice numbers from HG Motorsport, but I still prefer the old GTIs

  • ACGAuto

    HG Motorsports sucks, they are hack tuners. Their CEO just quit. Please do not waste your time or money letting some punk ass trust fund kids touch your car