According to after 35 year of existence, VW is considering a coupé variant for its Golf. A Vw Golf CC can be a winning formula, because on the current market we have only medium or large luxury sedans like Audi’s A5 Sportback, forthcoming A7 or Mercedes’ CLS.
The next generation Golf CC will have a length of about 4.5m, four individual sets, and of course a lowered driving position. Despite its saloon-like styling, the Golf CC will have a hatchback and folding rear seats to maximise practicality. The interior will feature more premium materials, too, distancing it from the cheaper hatchback version.
Talking about engines and transmission – the 1.4 TSI with 122 Hp connected to a six speed manual transmission, probably will be the implemented on the standard Golf CC. Four wheel drive ( 4Motion ) will be also available but only for 2.0 petrol engines (211 and 271 hp) and 2.0 diesel ( 170 hp).
Most likely, the car will appear in 2013. Price ~ 22,000 euro.




  1. Like it, looks very classy side on, particularly with the wheel rims. Let's hope USA/Canada get the German manufactured, manual transmission options as well.

  2. The best-looking Golf yet as far as I'm concerned. I think it's a pity it apparently won't be available until next year. I hope this model performs better than the current model in the crash tests and has a higher top speed.____I am featured on the BBC website and anxious to bring my weblinks to everyone's attention. Simply search Google for JEREMY KELLER BBC to access the details. You should also be able to look me up on Google by searching for:-____dent resistant bodywork____lunar mountaineering____lunar night earthlight____Earth shimmering like sapphire____wreck of Luna 2____craters resembling dividing cells____night half facing Saturn____motionized paintings____motionizing paintings


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