VW Golf R comes to the U.S. image

It’s official. On Thursday, VW announced plans to bring the sporty Golf R to the United States. The company says the decision was made in response to “the request of VW enthusiasts,” who apparently couldn’t live without the highest-performance Golf.

The Golf R will have a 2-liter turbocharged 265 horsepower engine that has more horsepower than a GTI.

The R Golf will come with the VW’s fourth-generation all-wheel-drive system, beefed up brakes, a “sport tuned” electronic stability control and suspension. For the US marke, Golf R will be available with only manual transmission.


The Golf R will be offered as a 2-door and 4-door. No price was given, but a good estimate is about $32,000.
At the moment, the US market only receives the CC R-Line, which isn’t true to its name, as it only features a few sporty styling touches, with no mechanical changes whatsoever.