The Volkswagen Group achieved a 10.2 percent rise in worldwide deliveries for the period from January to August 2012, handing over 5.91 million vehicles to customers.

In August alone, the group delivered for the first time 719,500 vehicles, up 18.9 percent over August 2011.

In the Asia Pacific region, VW Group delivered 1.98 million vehicles in the first eight months, of which 1.74 million were handed over in China, the region’s largest single market. In North America, the group delivered 535,200 units (up 24.5 percent), of which 380,000 units were delivered in the United States. In South America, VW Group handed over 678,600 vehicles (+9.5 percent) from January through August.

On the overall European market, VW Group brands delivered a total of 2.47 million vehicles (+1.7 percent) in the period to August. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 1.25 million customers (-5.8 percent) took possession of a new vehicle. In its home market of Germany, the Volkswagen Group increased deliveries by 4.1 percent to 792,300 units. In Central and Eastern Europe, the group delivered 426,800 vehicles (+25.2 percent), of which 206,900 units (+53.4  percent) went to Russia, the region’s largest single market.

In terms of brands, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 3.72 million vehicles (+11.5 percent) in the first eight months of the year, followed by Audi, with 961,000 units (+12.7 percent). The Skoda brand delivered a total of 633,300 vehicles (+8.5 percent), while Seat handed over 210,200 units (-11 percent), affected by shrinking markets in Western Europe. Porsche, which became a VW Group brand on August 1 2012, delivered 10,900 cars last month.


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