VW Group reports October sales increase image

Germany’s Volkswagen said group vehicle sales increased 3.8 % in October on demand from North America and China.

Global sales of cars, sport-utility vehicles and vans rose to 818,900 last month from 788,800 the same month a year earlier, Wolfsburg, Germany-based VW said in a statement. Also, Volkswagen Group delivered 7.85 (January-October 2012: 7.50; +4.7 %) million vehicles from January to October.

“The Volkswagen Group started the fourth quarter with a solid rise in deliveries. That confirms our forecast for record deliveries of 9.5 million vehicles for the full year”, Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Friday. He added that developments on markets worldwide remained mixed and characterized by economic uncertainty, particularly in Western Europe. Klinger continued: “Nevertheless, we are seeing the first signs that the markets in France and Spain as well as Italy are stabilizing. The delivery situation in China remains very encouraging, with some Group brands recording significant increases there.”

The Group brands delivered a total of 3.05 (3.10; -1.8 %) million vehicles to customers on the overall European market from January to October. In the home market of Germany, 963,600 (994,500; -3.1 %) customers took possession of a new vehicle.

In the North America region, deliveries from January to October grew by 7.8 % to 734,200 (681,200) vehicles, of which 508,300 (481,100; +5.7 %) were delivered in the United States.

Delivery figures for the Asia-Pacific region remained very encouraging. 2.95 (2.56; +15.6 %) million vehicles were handed over to customer there in the period to October, of which 2.65 (2.26; +17.2 %) million were delivered in China, the region’s largest single market. In contrast, deliveries in India declined to 79,200 (94,900; -16.6 %) units.