Volkswagen Group’s global deliveries topped the 8 million mark for the first time in the first 11 months of this year.

In total, the company delivered 8.29 million vehicles to customers, an increase of 10.4 percent over January-November 2011. In November alone, VW Group delivered 794,500 units, up 11.7 percent over November 2011.

“We have already delivered more vehicles after eleven months than during the whole of last year. That is an outstanding achievement, particularly in view of the continuing difficult situation on some European markets. Despite this year’s new delivery record we are already preparing for a very challenging year in 2013,” said Christian Klinger, Group Board Member for Sales.

In Europe, VW Group brands delivered 3.40 million vehicles (+0.7 percent) from January to November, half of which went to Western Europe (excluding Germany): 1.71 million units (-6 percent). In its home market of Germany, the Volkswagen Group grew deliveries by 3.4 percent to 1.10 million units.

In Central and Eastern Europe, VW Group delivered 590,800 vehicles (+19.4 percent), of which 290,100 (+42.9 percent) were delivered in Russia, the region’s largest single market.

In North America region deliveries rose 26.1 percent to 757,300 units, of which 534,000 (+33.9 percent) went to the United States. In South America, the VW Group handed over 923,800 vehicles (+8.0 percent) to customers during the same period, of which 709,000 (+9.8 percent) were delivered in Brazil, the region’s largest single market.

In the Asia-Pacific region, VW Group delivered 2.86 million vehicles (+19.5 percent), of which 2.53 million (+20.2 percent) went to China, the region’s largest single market. In India, 104,000 vehicles (+3.3 percent) were handed over to customers.


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