VW Group to Offer Three New Roadsters – Porsche, Audi, VW image

A very good news for the roadster fans brought by the Volkswagen Group that confirmed with its plans to offer a platform for the two-seater sports car between Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

The major focus on this project will be of seeing each brand to get similar basic rear-wheel-drive and mid-engined architecture. All together, this project will deliver three very different cars.

At one place, it will be an entry level roadster for Volkswagen and Porsche, but the VW is an opponent of Mazda MX-5 which has already previewed by the 2009 BlueSport concept.  On the other hand, Porsche is supposed to receive its styling cues from the 1953 550 Spyder and is set to be priced over £30k.

The TT is already an entry level model for Audi and so the manufacturer was not willing to use the platform at first. However, sources have confirmed that the R4 sports car has been approved. With this, it’s doubtful that the new model will survive until 2014 and so better not to weaken any sales of the next generation TT Roadster. However, as per the expectations, the car will share similar design concept as possesses by the next R8. The starting price is set at around £25k.

With unique looks, the three cars will also boast different 4-cylinder engines to accentuate their uniqueness. The Porsche will perhaps get a new forced induction flat-four which is right now under development, whereas, the Volkswagen will get economically downsized engines. And as far as the Audi R4 is concerned, it will receive a newly customized version of the recent turbocharged 2.0 liter lump.

Where enthusiasts are waiting to see these unique cars after production, the group is set to fill their hearts with complete fascination.

By Sunita Mandal