There’s a way to make your newborn the envy of the entire playground – the envy of other daddies, that is. This is thanks to the GTI Stroller now available for pre-order in Japan.

With the Volkswagen Golf GTI a major icon among hot hatches, there are loads of fans around the world – now the ones residing in Japan can display their passion even when not inside the car. That’s because they can grace any location with their auto love and also project it onto their kids from an early age. This carriage is certainly looking the part – although perhaps uninformed mothers might ask you if the inspiration was the Scottish kilt… Anyways, the hot hatch’s iconic tartan cloth pattern is present inside and out, while the sides get a honeycomb design reminiscent of the model’s grille, with red stitching on the handle being the “same” as the one found on the hot hatch’s steering wheel.

VW GTI-inspired stroller is a good way to make your infants motor fans 1

There are even polished suspension springs while the wheels are scale reproductions of the GTI alloys – the stroller is also location-conscious because it’s produced in Germany by Knorr Baby. The GTI Stroller is also a good choice because it will morph from an infant carrier to upright seating for a toddler. Mommy’s and daddy’s will match the GTI appearance with the detachable shoulder bag in matching tartan pattern, good for carrying diaper poop in style (along with other amenities).


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