VW isn’t focusing right now on finding the emission scandal’s roots image

Volkswagen has said its main priority is finding a fix for affected cars rather than investigating the origins of the emission scandal.

The company’s investigation led to as many as 40 employees apparently involved in actions of manipulation regarding the emission scandal, an insider told Reuters not so long ago. But it seems that the internal inquiry is not on top of VW’s priority list. According to the company, the most important factor at this moment is developing a fix for the affected vehicles. “I understand the desire for speed, but what matters to us instead is to work thoroughly and to not give out false premature results,” said Juergen Stackmann, VW brand sales chief.

The US law firm Jones Day, through independent investigators, is checking into thoroughly many documents dating back as 2005 when Volkswagen decided to introduce the diesel technology in the US, and it could take at least six months to come to a firm conclusion. Since scandal erupted on 18 September, many VW owners have waited for a proper explanation from the company, and furthermore a quick way to fix the diesel-powered models involved in this scandal. “What’s at stake at the moment is not to find out why people did something, that will be revealed by the investigations,” Stackmann said. “What matters to us primarily is that we can offer full transparency to our customers at this point. Without the trust of our customers, VW would have never become a great brand,” the VW executive stated.

Via Reuters