VW Jetta will be launched in India image

The Volkswagen car manufacturer is preparing for its Jetta model launch on the Indian auto market.

Vastly improved compared to its older “brother”, the new Jetta generation looks more “fresher” than the previous model and shares lines with the Passat or Polo.

Future customers of the Indian Jetta will probably get two engines, the 2.0 liter TDI, which develops 140 BHP, and the 1.8 liter turbo petrol with 160 BHP, but, then again, Volkswagen could pull out a surprise like the Passat Sedan available in the country with only the diesel version.

The BlueMotion technology could be an option on the Indian Jetta, which is set to make its official appearance on the 17th of August this year, the same date as the Maruti Swift’s entrance into the same local auto market.

The launching of the Maruti Swift is taken into consideration by the Volkswagen Indian Group which seems to be ensuring that the presentation of the new Jetta won’t be dimmed by the “rival’s” model.