Although the United Auto Workers union already lost a round of voting, when workers at VW’s lone US plant rejected the unionization bid, the US union contends it could still win the war in the near future.

And help is on the way, as Frank Patta, general secretary of Volkswagen’s Global Group Works Council, present during UAW’s convention that is slated to elect the new union president on Wednesday, expressed his support for the unionization drive.

Back in February, although Volkswagen agreed to keep neutral in the vote, the UAW lost by just 44 votes an election at the plant, after top Tennessee politicians and Republican interest groups look to have interfered and managed to swing workers.

“We lost one battle but we did not lose the entire fight …I promise, we will go on,” said Patta. “We want a works council, an American works council. This is our joint vision. This is our dream.”

While German labor union officials worked with the UAW for around four years before Volkswagen allowed the election, the agreement signed by the US union bars it from resuming a campaign at Chattanooga for a year. Patta reiterated the idea that German union leaders would aid the UAW in creating the German-style works council in Chattanooga.


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