The German government is said to fully close their eyes over Volkswagen’s diesel emissions manipulation.

While many voices have raised the question if Volkswagen should not offer a similar treatment to the affected European customers as in US, Bild newspaper reports the German government – as expected – seems to not even consider imposing fines on the automaker for its diesel emissions tricks, not to mention forcing compensation. CEO Matthias Mueller already pointed out that a payment program in the region was not being considered, admitting that such a move would really put the company in a very difficult financial situation.

There are 8.5 million VW polluting diesels in Europe, with more than 2 million in Germany. Therefore, the regulators will only enforce the least costly plan of resolving the customers’ complaints through recalls. “We now have a situation in which Volkswagen is required to return the cars to a legally compliant condition,” German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said this week, quoted by Bloomberg. “That is what is appropriate to remedy the damage that’s been done.”

This proves once again the huge influence that Volkswagen has upon the German government, in its capacity of one of the country’s biggest employers. While the affected buyers will only receive a recall letter in Germany, the US customers will get up to 10,000 dollars part of the 15.3 billion-dollar-agreement to settle the Dieselgate for around 475,000 2.0-litre diesel cars.

Via Bloomberg


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