VW likely to miss again the court deadline over emissions deal image

Volkswagen is probably not going to strike a deal with the US regulators by April 21 court deadline, the top environmental official implies.

The district Judge Charles Breyer gave last month to Volkswagen an April 21 deadline to make a deal with the US Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board over a fix for the 580, 000 over-polluting diesels. The new time extension was set after the German automaker missed the previous 24 March limit to reach an agreement. But it seems that a deal over a fix is still not going to happen by the end of this month.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy recently said that the two sides were in “really robust” ongoing talks, adding though she did not know if they would come to a mutual conclusion. McCarthy did not want to reveal if a partial fix may be accepted by the agency or if a buyback program was part of the negotiations. Last month, the head of the California Air Resources Board enforcement division, said he did not believe that all VW cars fitted with the bypass device can fully comply with laws no matter how the fix looks like.

Volkswagen is still under ban to sell new diesels in 2016 and the demand for its core brand models keeps going down, taking another drop in March, a more than 10 percent plunge compared to one year earlier.

Via Reuters

  • erth

    i wanted a passat tdi and drove the tsi instead, i bought a honda accord. vw tsi engine isn’t that good. if they had a tdi, i would have bought one. sorry vw. i have owned 3 vw’s in the past, but i will not buy one without a tdi. find a fix please.

  • Grandpa

    I’ve got a 2011 TDI Wagon and I am *still* waiting for a resolution of this mess, more than six months after their criminal fraud was revealed. Teach me to buy a car from a company founded by a Nazi. VW could come out with the Mother Teresa Wagon and I wouldn’t buy it. I want a fair settlement that will rid me of this car and this disgusting, cheating, lying company.