Volkswagen is probably not going to reach an agreement today over diesel emissions with the US regulators, sources say.

Half a year after Volkswagen admitted it cheated on the diesel emissions tests, the talks between the automaker and the US authorities seem to be far from reaching a conclusion over an agreement on how to fix the over-polluting cars. The company faces a deadline on Thursday to disclose the status of negotiations over a settlement plan, as a district judge at a court hearing in San Francisco demanded for a definitive answer on the status of the matter by March 24. Both sides are probably not going to tell the judge something substantial, sources revealed, adding that a potential deal could still be weeks away.

The focal point of the talks is on a full fix of the affected cars and the US Environmental Protection Agency probably does not accept anything less, although making the diesels meet the emissions standards might not be possible. Last month, the head of the California Air Resources Board enforcement division, said he did not believe that all VW cars fitted with the bypass device can fully comply with laws no matter how the fix looks like.

The debate is also going into other directions, such as the potential buyback offer for some vehicles, compensations for the owners or to setup a national remediation fund and a separate one for California to make Volkswagen pay for its cheating scheme and use the money to push for cleaner transportation solutions throughout the country.

Via Reuters


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