VW makes progress in talks with US regulators, lawyer says image

A lawyer representing Volkswagen told a federal judge last week that the automaker was making progress in their talks with the US regulators for approving a solution for the nearly 600, 000 diesel vehicles affected by the scandal.

Six months have passed since the disclosures in September and Volkswagen still has no plan approved to fix the emissions levels for the affected cars in the United States. But talks are developing, according to the lawyer representing the German automaker in the States. Attorney Robert Giuffra told US District Judge Charles Breyer at a court hearing in San Francisco last week that the company was making progress in trying to reach an agreement on the subject with the US Justice Department, Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board. “The discussions are progressing,” Giuffra said. However, the judge increased the pressure on Volkswagen, demanding a definitive answer on the status of the matter by March 24. “This is an ongoing problem,” Breyer said, adding that six months was long enough to identify a solution for the problem. “We are committed to resolving these matters as quickly as possible,” Giuffra said, noting that the issue impacted up to 11 million vehicles in 100 countries.

The lawyer told the court Volkwagen may have something more definitive to say in about a month or so, but declined to offer further details. He also said the talks were on different directions, including a fix for the affected diesels, the approach for addressing the environmental harms caused by the vehicles and other issues such as onboard diagnostic systems. He said VW has given written presentations to the Justice Department and environmental agencies.

Via Reuters