With Audi’s electric vehicle concept heading to this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen had to develop their own version and the eco-friendly Nils, with its single-seat layout, will be officially presented at the same German event.

The Nils concept is 3.04 meters long, 1.2 meters tall and just 0.39 meters wide, made from an aluminum space-frame with winged doors, having the same basic layout as a Formula 1 car, as Volkswagen says, with a single centrally-mounted seat.

The electric vehicle concept is powered by an electric motor which is delivering just 20 BHP and a short-term 34 BHP, but the unit only weighs 19 kg and the car has 460 kg, being able to speed up to 130 km/h or 80 mph, which happens in less than 11 seconds from standstill.

With its 65 km (40 miles) range and a charging time of just over two hours from a 230 V outlet, the Volkswagen Nils Concept will officially see the daylight at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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