Although it will debut the e-Up and e-Golf at the approaching Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen is not keen on delivering globally these electric models, but wants to wait for a more feasible time.

According to Genis Brustenga, head of electrotraction at the R&D center of Volkswagen Group China, the two new electric models debuting this fall will begin mass production this year in Europe. He also said that Volkswagen’s key models would also be available with plug-in hybrid technology starting in 2014.
Still, he noted that Volkswagen would make a goal in continuing to drive forward technological innovations for vehicles with traditional combustion such as energy-efficient TSI and TDI engines, and low-emission BlueMotion technology.

“Being the first to launch mass-produced electric vehicles in China is not our plan,” said Genis Brustenga, head of electrotraction at the R&D center of Volkswagen Group China. “We will provide the most suitable product for Chinese customers at a most suitable time.”

He also said China Daily that Volkswagen still has no concrete timetable for bringing them to China, as the group plans different e-mobility strategies for different countries and they believe that in comparison to Europe or U.S. the infrastructure in China is still behind, “which makes it hard to provide a well-prepared environment and market for electric vehicles.” He did note that Volkswagen began discussions with several power grid companies in China at the beginning of the year in a bid to accelerate infrastructure construction for electric vehicles.


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