VW Not Sure About the Future of the 2014 Routan Minivan image

VW said it has not decided yet about the future of the 2014 Routan minivan, as the contract with Chrysler to produce the vehicle nears its end.

“We have not made a decision about the 2014 model.” The contract with Chrysler ends with the 2014 model, ” said Scott Vazin, a VW spokesman.

In 2006 VW and Chrysler signed an agreement to manufacture the Routan minivan beginning with 2008. Back then Chrysler was owned by Daimler, but beginning with 2009 the Michigan-based automaker is majority owned by Fiat. Sergio Marchionne, who is CEO for both Fiat and Chrysler, said that he is considering whether Chrysler needs both the Grand Caravan and the Town&Country, and which model will remain in the market.

In 2012 the automaker sold 12,000 Routan minivans in the US and this year the company expects to sell only a few thousand units. The Routan is believed to stop with the 2014 model year, but VW is still expected to make an official announcement.

“We’re still taking a few vehicles from Chrysler during the course of this year mainly for some internal purposes, for some company cars, some fleet usage. But essentially the retail marketing of Routan is tailing down now. We will be exiting that over time now,” Jonathan Browning, president of Volkswagen Group of America, said at the New York Auto Show.