VW Polo BlueMotion can be ordered now! image

Vw announced that Polo Bluemotion, one of the best in low fuel consumption class, can be ordered now for 16.500 euros.
2010 Polo Bluemotion is powered by a three cylinder TDI engine which develops 55 kw / 75 HP. Accordingly, its CO2 emissions were also reduced from 109 (old Polo ) to 87 g/km.

The Polo BlueMotion employs various detailed solutions and high-tech components to attain these top-notch low values. They include BlueMotion features such as the Stop-Start system and energy recovery by regenerative braking. In addition, the Polo BlueMotion, weighing in at just 1,150 kilograms, sports numerous modifications such as a nearly closed-off radiator grille and underbody panels designed according to
aerodynamic principles and 15-inch “Greenland” type alloy wheels with low rolling resistance tyres.

Standard features were extended in the new Polo BlueMotion to include a cruise control system, leather-trimmed steering wheel and gearshift grip, tyre pressure indicator, front fog lights, sporty styling of front and rear bumpers as well as outside mirror housings and door handles painted in body colour.

  • Chris

    Make it available in the US, or at least DOT compliant, and I'll buy one. Please.