VW prepares a new long-term strategy to overcome the emissions scandal image

According to the Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller, Volkswagen will unveil a new 2025 strategy in mid-June which will focus on bringing the company back on track.

The emissions cheating saga has dragged Volkswagen into its biggest scandal ever, leading to record losses and a continuous sales struggle. Now, its employees are working intensely on a plan focused on eight key strategic points for the entire German auto group until 2025, Bloomberg reports, quoting excerpts of Chief Executive Matthias Mueller’s speech at an internal management meeting at the carmaker’s Wolfsburg headquarters. “The focus of our Strategy 2025 will be the customer with his wishes and needs,” Mueller said. “In the end, a strategy is only good if it leads to products that excite people and that they want to buy. We want to lead Volkswagen out of the company’s most difficult situation ever and shape it into a mobility provider.”

As the automotive industry is now focusing more than ever on mobility services to diversify their business, Volkswagen it also planning to approach this path and to catch up on other major automakers which are already exploring this new lucrative direction. “It just can’t be that a company that’s selling 10 million vehicles per year doesn’t reap economies of scale and synergies to the extent possible and necessary,” the CEO said. “Some competitors are unfortunately better at that.” Muller revealed in his speech that the new plan would be disclosed in mid-June.

Via Bloomberg