VW preparing new Polo GTI R5 for the world rallies image

The Volkswagen Polo has been used with ample success by the German automaker in the World Rally Championship (WRC) – so naturally fans and competitors around the world should be excited about the impending new version of the supermini.

Since it started competing in 2011, the VW Polo has already amassed more than 40 wins, 38 podiums, and 12 titles, so there’s no excuse for dismissing the upcoming new version – teased by VW now and named the Polo GTI R5. The new motorsport version is expected to arrive at stages around the world during the second part of 2018. A new 270-horsepower (201-kilowatt) turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be used, along with a five-speed sequential transmission. The only omission is VW’s unconfirmed participation with a factory team – but we already know the new Polo GTI R5 will be offered to customer teams for the first time.

The new Polo WRC car started development early this year, with motorsport gurus at the helm – W Motorsport Technical Director Francois-Xavier Demaison, and Senior Project Engineer Gerard-Jan de Jongh among others. “With the Polo GTI R5 we are hoping to transfer our expertise from four WRC titles to customer racing successfully, and offer a first-class racing machine for countless rally championships from national series to the WRC” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Sven Smeets. “Before the first race outing next year, we will subject the Polo GTI R5 to rigorous testing to make sure it is prepared for the extremely varied track conditions around the world.”