During an innovation workshop reunited under the “Thin Blue” moniker, the German automaker also sparked our interest – it announced the approaching introduction of a 10-speed DSG, designed for engines with a torque of up to 550 Nm.

Volkswagen AG, the second-largest automaker in the world, was the first automotive company to introduce the (now common) dual-clutch gearbox into mainstream series production. With the seminar focused on the latest improvements from the company – 18 of them to be more precise – we also found out a little about the upcoming automatic transmission.

With its focus on becoming the world’s most sustainable automaker by 2018, the automaker unveiled the new 10-speed DSG in its hope to recapture the lead in this particular segment. Dual-clutch transmissions – actually upgraded manual gearboxes with the gears electronically shifted – have been designed to marry the best features of traditional manual and automatics. They take efficiency and rapidity from the first and smoothness and commodity from the latter.

While having ten gears (even if they’re very close to each other) should definitely improve fuel economy, there’s a question – how many gears are too many. Mercedes and BMW, for instance, have settled at a maximum of seven and eight, respectively. Chrysler has upped the count to nine.



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