VW ready to decide between Skoda and Seat to produce new SUV image

The Volkswagen Group is in the midst of deciding whether to manufacture their new SUV – due for both brands – either at a Skoda Czech Republic facility or at a Seat, Spain, plant.

Yesterday Czech newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes published a report in which it revealed the German automaker had decided in favor of the Skoda plant in the Czech Republic over Seat, with an announcement pending on Friday.

Now, Jarolsav Povsik, who heads Skoda’s union group and is also a Volkswagen supervisory board member refutes the report, saying no decision has been made and come Friday they are all duet to meet with VW Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn.

“It is being considered but it is still not definite. Everything will depend on the results of a Friday meeting with VW general director Martin Winterkorn,” said Jarolsav Povsik.

The new SUV should begin production at the end of 2015, no matter the venue and slotted to be used by both brands. With Skoda and Seat making up around 13% of the record 9.7 million units sold last year, Volkswagen is repositioning the two brands, with the Skoda brand image and appeal boosted back upmarket and the Spanish brand focused almost entirely on Europe.

Via Reuters