VW Recalls Cars in China After TV Show Exposed the Problem image

VW decided to recall vehicles in China after China Central Television made public the issue in its annual corporate malpractice expose.

According to CCTV’s “3.15” investigative special, which was aired Friday, March 15th, Volkswagen’s direct shift gearbox transmission, which is in fact a long-standing problem for the automaker, was causing vehicles to slow down or speed up during driving. Immediately after the show, the German automaker promised to take action and the company’s spokesman said today, March 18th, that VW will recall both imported and locally made vehicles.

The company will give details later today on the volume and models involved. VW manufactures vehicles in China with its partners SAIC Motors and FAW Group. The automaker plans to double production in China to 4 million in the following five years.

CCTV’s “3.15” investigative special is one of the most popular TV shows in China, and it had previously accused several important Western automakers of short-changing Chinese customers. During the Friday edition, the show also took aim at Apple due to the post-sales service and China’s Anhui Jianghuai Automobile also announced it will recall vehicles with rusty body plates.