VW sales are down due to diesel emissions scandal image

With three months having passed by since the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal began, the carmaker is facing a decrease in sales in the aftermath of that.

The German automaker has revealed that it cheated through pollution emissions tests at a global level, having involved a massive 11 million of its TDI diesel cars. An while the carmaker submitted a proposal to fix the mess it had caused, while it stays under assessment from the EPA and the California Air Resources Board, we can take a look at how its sales were affected amidst this scandal.

September was only mildly affected as the news went public in the third part of that month when sales had been in process for a number of days. In November, the VW Group witnessed a decline of 2.2% compared to the same month in 2014, with 833,700 cars sold worldwide, down from 852,900. On a year-to-year comparison for the 11 months of this year (as numbers for December have not been released yet) Volkswagen Group sales decreased 1.7% from 9.26 million units sold to 9.1 million vehicles.

In the U.S., sales in October stayed flat with 30,387 units sold in 2015 versus 30,313 in 2014. And these sales might have received a boost due to a “loyalty bonus” discount worth $2,000 that was given to current Volkswagen owners and which was available from the 7th of October to the 2nd of November. After the bonus expired, the number of total sales for November fell a massive 24.7%, from 31,725 in 2014 to 23,882 units.

Every diesel car that was sold by Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche was retired from sale until regulators approve changes the German carmaker are looking to implement in order for its cars to be in compliance with the carmaking emissions rules.