VW Sells MQB Platform? image

Volkswagen recently declared that VW Group’s radical MQB platform, is to produce the next Audi A3, VW Golf, Seat Leon and other models, could be sold to third parties in the medium to long term.

The MQB platform was smartly designed, being able to produces Polo-sized cars as well as Passat-sized ones, providing the company massive cost savings. This also means that VW can build any cars on the platform on the same production line, which offers significantly greater production flexibility.

In 2011 VW Group declared profits of £9.4bn, up more than 50 per cent year on year.

“The next two to three years are exciting for us, and during this time we intend to keep the technology to ourselves. We do not wish to share our excellence. “But in the medium to long term we could sell the technology. We would have to look at the opportunities and evaluate whether they made sense,” said Michael Macht, the board member in charge of group production.

Rumors say that the company plans to build more than 6 million cars on the platform across its VW, Audi, seat and Skoda brands by 2018. VW Group chief Martin Winterkorn is confident that the investment of about £50 billion over four years in the MQB structure would begin to pay off from 2014.