VW should be punished for its UK diesel manipulation, British institution says image

British Transport Committee urged the UK government to take actions against Volkswagen over its diesel emissions deception.

In a report called “Volkswagen failed UK customers, but Government is failing consumers”, the UK Transport Committee – charged by the House of Commons with scrutiny of the Department for Transport – said that the automaker should be investigated by prosecutors for its cheating scheme, blaming the government for having been far too slow in taking any actions. “Without proper sanctions against manufacturers that cheat, there is little to stop a similar scandal from happening again,” the committee said in statement, also suggesting vehicle type approval laws should be reviewed. So far, national governments within Europe have refrained from officially holding VW accountable and they have waited for the European Commission to step in front and tackle the case. But the responsibility for prosecution lies with national authorities, the committee warns.

There are 1.2 million affected diesels in UK, but there are worries that Volkswagen is not putting too much effort into finding a proper fix, as only 50,000 vehicles in the UK have been mended so far. “We are concerned that VW’s fix was developed at the lowest possible cost which might lead to increased costs for motorists down the line,” according to committee chairwoman Louise Ellman. “We have called upon the Vehicle Certification Agency to do everything in its power to ensure that does not happen.”

The German government has also been immune towards Volkswagen, prosecutors from the regional court of Braunschweig are now seeking for pecuniary penalties by assessing the “economic advantage” VW benefited from by using the bypass engine software rather than spending money on the development of cleaner technologies.

Via Reuters