VW Slovakia Unions Head Said Workers Are Ready for Bentley SUV Production image

Zoroslav Smolinsky, the head of unions at VW Slovakia, said that workers in Bratislava are skilled enough and ready to host production for Bentley’s SUV.

“We are aware that Bratislava is a candidate for becoming the production site for this Bentley model and our workers would do their best if given a chance,” Mr. Smolinsky told the Wall Street Journal in a telephone interview.

Earlier this week, Bentley chief Wolfgang Schreiber said that the company is currently considering where to build the new Bentley SUV and that it has two options Bratislava or Crewe. He added that the company might move production to VW’s plant Devinska Nova Ves, west of Bratislava. Until now, Bentley models have been manufactured in Crewe, England, so if the company would choose Bratislava, it would be the first Bentley without the famous ‘Made in Crewe, England’ plaque.

VW manufactures its SUVs, including the Touareg, the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne at its Slovak plant to be exported to other markets. The three SUVs share many underpinnings to cut costs. In 2012 Bentley sold more than 8,000 vehicles, while VW manufactured almost 210,000 units in Slovakia during the first six months of 2012.

“If the decision is made in our favor, we will be honored and will certainly meet the challenge,” Mr. Smolinsky said.