VW snatches global sales crown from Toyota in 2016 image

The auto industry is one flimsy lady – on one hand VW has been trashed in its biggest scandal since it was established – and on the other hand they managed to achieve a huge goal years in advance.

Since late last year experts predicted Volkswagen would become the world’s top selling auto manufacturer – and the deed is done. In 2016 the German manufacturer became the largest auto company of the world after the past four years the title was held by Japan’s Toyota. According to Automotive News, the entire Volkswagen Group has sold 10.3 million cars, trucks, and buses over the past 12 months – compared to Toyota’s 10.2 million deliveries. The VW Group accounted for a rise of 3.8 percent year over year, while Toyota even with the Lexus, Daihatsu, and Hino brands only surged 0.2 percent compared to 2015.

While the Dieselgate scandal raged in the US and Europe, Volkswagen triumphed mostly thanks to the Chinese market, where it had better sales than Toyota due to a tax reduction. In addition, Trump’s statements and planned reforms are also impacting Toyota’s American sales as of late. Apparently the new president is a bigger threat to Toyota due to its higher exposure in the US, but things could be compensated this year by the introduction of the all-new Camry, shown in January at NAIAS and set to go on sale this summer.

Via Automotive News