VW Still Interested, Alfa Rome Still Not for Sale image

Volkswagen announced it is still interested in buying Fiat’s Alfa Romeo although the Italian automaker said it is not for sale.

Volkswagen was asked by reporters in the eve of the Paris show if it still has time to wait Marchionne change his mind concerning the brand. The answer came quickly: “We have time.” Since the Paris auto show in 2010 VW expressed its interest to purchase Alfa Romeo, saying that Fiat was doing to well to part with the brand.

“Mr. Piech drop it, go and sing somewhere else,” Marchionne said during a speech in Turin. “I am not surprised by the German boasting.”

So it seems that VW won’t get its hands on the brand any time soon. Fiat and VW have been in conflict this year because Marchionne, in his role as head of the ACEA lobby group, asked European carmakers to reduce capacity. Volkswagen threatened in July to leave the ACEA after Marchionne said VW’s pricing strategy was creating a “bloodbath” in the region.

Although Alfa Romeo is not for sale, Marchionne said he will welcome VW if it plans to invest in Italy or open a new plant, since the automaker failed to find a partner for Fiat’s plans as no one ‘wants the burden.’