VW targets to sell 1 million battery-powered vehicles by 2025 image

Europe’s biggest auto group says it is ready to meet the increasingly challenging emissions limits, estimating it will sell around 1 million “green” vehicles by 2025.

While Volkswagen is trying to overcome the emissions scandal implications concerning its brand image, it also has to speed up its efforts to prevent the more demanding emissions boundaries, by developing more battery-powered cars. The company does not currently rely much on electrified sales, as it expects the electric and plug-in hybrid car production to soon hit the 100,000-unit mark annually, after just under 60,000 plug-ins it sold worldwide in 2015. However, this trend will eventually receive a major push as “the CO2 legislation in the various regions will mean every OEM is compelled to offer e-mobility,” Thomas Lieber, VW brand’s head of complete vehicle development for electrified cars, said. With this in mind, Lieber expects that 2025 will find Volkswagen selling 1 million green units.

VW already committed to swiftly accelerate the eco strategy starting from this year and is planning to launch over 20 additional plug-in models by 2020, all built on its newly modular platform for battery electric cars, called MEB. The most anticipated products are the production version of the 600+ horsepower spectacular Mission E concept, which will wrestle with Tesla’s Model S and with the Audi e-tron quattro, the brand’s first mass production EV. From the production point of view, the firm says it is ready to quickly ramp up EVs’ output right away in its three European plants that make such environmentally friendly cars, if demand rises.

Via Automotive News