VW Targets Young Families With The Golf Plus Successor image

Volkswagen announced its plans to make the Golf Plus successor bigger to attract younger families.

The German automaker presented its plans for the model at the Frankfurt auto show last week with the Sportsvan, which is a near-production concept. VW plans to phase out the Golf Plus name and replace it with Sportsvan in most of the markets when the production version of the vehicle will hit the European market next summer.

“The [Golf Plus] was bought more by older customers. With the Sportsvan we think we can get more families,” head of engineering for exterior, interior and safety at the VW brand, Christian Strube, told Automotive News Europe on the sidelines of the show.

Currently, the Golf Plus accounts for around 20% of the line’s sales in the German market, according to a company’s spokesman. Through July, the automaker has sold 39,798 Golf Plus vehicles in Europe, accounting for 12% of the total Golf sales in the market, according to JATO Dynamics.

“Now that the Mercedes A class has become a more conventional hatchback we might get people from that,” a spokesman said.

The automaker believes that the Sportsvan’s production version will attract customers from premium automakers. The new Sportsvan will be based on VW’s MQB architecture and it will be with 134mm longer than the Golf Plus. The model will come with three diesel engine variants and four VW 1.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine versions.

Source: Autonews.com