VW to employ 60 qualified professionals in China image

Volkswagen Group has started a new recruitment program in China to search for talented people for its fast-growing business in the world’s largest car market.

The carmaker founded the „China 60” program to search for qualified professionals that will fill high-level position at its China joint ventures. The decision came as VW doesn’t have enough people in Germany to support operations in China. Under the program, the company aims to hire 60 top professionals in China, according to Klaus Dierkes, executive vice-president of human resources and board member of Volkswagen Group China. Selected candidates will be trained for 18 months, including 6 to 12 months in Germany, before they will occupy key positions at VW’s Chinese joint ventures.

The areas in which the automaker is looking for competent professionals ranges from technology and sales to human resources. “We expect to find all 60 of the people by the middle of next year. The actual demand for talented professionals at our China operations is more than 60,” said Dierkes, who added that the program will continue if it will bring satisfactory results. “We are willing to invest in talent,” the executive said, adding that Volkswagen aims to be the best employer in the industry.