VW to Increase Used Car Sales in Germany image

Volkswagen’s head of sales and marketing for passenger cars announced the company plans to increase its business of selling used vehicles in Germany.

According to Thomas Zahn increasing the quality of used VW vehicles in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, is of utmost importance for the company to increase the frequency of client contact and improve sales margins.
Volkswagen vehicles are some of the most sought after used cars as customers are well aware of the company’s reputation for obsessive quality control. VW cars are able to clock up more overall miles that some of their less worthy counterparts because of their enhanced build-quality.

Buying a used Volkswagen vehicle also means slashed MOT costs and cheaper parts as a VW is a mass produced vehicle. The drawback of buying a used vehicle is the maintenance costs, which will always be higher as there are no warranties involved and therefore the service costs might be higher.

Last month Volkswagen’s overall sales reached 44,005 units, an increase of 35.4%, which made the best December for the company since 1973. In the US the automaker sold 438,133 units, up 35.1%.

“2012 marked another successful year of growth for Volkswagen of America,” said Jonathan Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “The Volkswagen brand delivered another important step in our long-term growth plan. 2012 marked the third consecutive year of significant double-digit growth rates and we more than doubled our volume of 2009.”