As part of VW’s 15.3-million-dollar settlement in relation to its US Dieselgate, the automaker will have to pay 86 million dollars in penalties to California.

US Attorney General Kamala Harris announced today that in addition to the core 14.7-million-dollar settlement with VW, the company will also pay California an additional 86 million dollars in civil penalties as part of a second partial agreement over the diesel scandal. The new paycheck comes on the back of California’s claims against Volkswagen under state’s unfair competition laws, as well as the under federal law.

As part of the new deal, 10 million dollars will be directed in grants to local government agencies or academic institutions to research and develop technology to detect “defeat devices” and better assess on-road emissions and to mitigate the environmental impacts of high-polluting cars. 76 million dollars will go to Harris’ office to cover costs relating to investigation and litigation of the emissions scandal.

“We must conserve and protect our environment for future generations and deliver swift and certain consequences to those who break the law and pollute our air,” Harris said. “This additional settlement sends an unequivocal message to Volkswagen and any other automaker that California will aggressively enforce our robust consumer and environmental protection laws.”

Following the 14.7-million-dollar plan, Volkswagen previously said that it has agreed with the attorneys general of 44 US states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to resolve existing and potential state consumer protection claims related to the diesel scandal for another settlement worth 603 million dollars.

Via Reuters


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