VW to sell more cars in China than GM image

Volkswagen Ag, Europe’s largest carmaker will sell more cars in China this year than General Motors, for the first time in nine years, Reuters reports.

Both automakers have succeeded to surpass their targets to sell more than 3 million units in the largest car market in the world, with VW surpassing the mark in December 5 and General Motors 6 days later.

According to the local reports, Volkswagen (at 2.96 million) led GM by almost 70,000 vehicles in first 11 months. On the same time, Volkswagen’s CEO said the company was able to sell even more vehicles, but at this moment is running at limit.

”You really have to understand that at present, we really have capacity problems. We could sell more.”

Toyota, Japan’s largest carmaker, and now n.4 in China is still trying to recover from a consumer backlash and was outsold by Ford who is expected to be the largest carmaker in the world by sales.

However, Volkswagen is planning to invest more than $25 billion through 2018 in China and from 2015 Audi, VW’s premium brand will start selling locally assembled A3 sedans and a new version of the A4; therefore competition for the #1 position in the world is set to intensify even more.