VW Touareg, fastest ever to cross the Pan-American Highway image

The Volkswagen Touareg broke the world record for the fastest crossing over the two “Americas”, on the longest highway, the Pan-American.

The Touareg TDI and the off road-pilot Rainer Zietlow’s team now hold the new world record, after driving for 11 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes, beating the old record by over three days.

The journey started on the 2nd of July in Argentina and the team went from Chile’s sandstorms to Alaska’s muddy roads and managed to move on and on, with pre-arranged fuel-stops, which, according to them, helped in breaking the record.

Rainer Zietlow’s team will donate 10 cents for every kilometer which it “ran” on, helping this way two South American villages with 250.000 US dollars.

Zietlow’s team drove a 3.0 liter V6 TDI Touareg, equipped with special tires and an extra fuel tank with a 300 liter capacity.

The off-road driver will celebrate its succeed by driving the same Touareg model to Volkswagen dealers in the United States, presenting it to customers who may be interested in its entry-level version.