VW Transparent Factory reopens as a new electric-showcase image

Volkswagen has finished the transformation of its Dresden plant, allowing visitors to experience some of the future’s technologies.

In March, Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory in Dresden rolled out the last Phaeton, after 14 years of production. After the unsuccessful story of the model, the German automaker decided to make some reworks to the site, until the facility would serve to a better purpose. Therefore, after closing for 10 days to carry out the necessary modification, the glass walls now hold a new showcase for the brand, with a focus on electric mobility and digitalization.

The factory has now 50 interactive exhibits and vehicles to allow visitors to experience some high-tech features, with the highlight of the tour being a half-hour test drive with electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Among the showcasing vehicles one can also find the four-door Sport Coupe Concept GTE Plug-in Hybrid, a 380 PS model with an average fuel consumption of 2.0 l/100 km. Volkswagen currently has eight electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in its range, while a further twenty models are planned by 2020.

In addition to the test drive, visitors can take a virtual drive through Dresden in the GTE simulator, look at a glass frame model of the e-Golf, which allows a detailed look into the propulsion components of electric vehicles on a 1:1 scale, or they can learn about the possibilities offered by digital networks and smartphones to the connected-car technologies.