Vw unveiled an Auto Pilot technology image

Volkswagen Ag. has revealed today a new driving system which allows a car to driven in ‘Temporary Auto Pilot’ mode on the motorway. The automaker said it represents a link between today’s assistance systems and fully automatic driving.

TAP, or Temporary Auto Pilot always offers the driver an optimal degree of automation as a function of the driving situation, acquisition of the surroundings and driver and system states. The system is intended to prevent accidents due to driving errors by an inattentive, distracted driver.

In the semi-automatic driving mode – referred to as Pilot Mode, for short – TAP maintains a safe distance to the vehicle ahead, drives at a speed selected by the driver, reduces this speed as necessary before a bend, and maintains the vehicle’s central position with respect to lane markers.

Interesting is that VW said that only a laser scanner and electronic horizon have been required to supplement the sophisticated sensors already at work in the current generation of production cars. So no extra tech stuff.

The system will also utilize overtaking rules and respect speed limits. Stop and start driving maneuvers in traffic jams will also be taken care of.

Whilst the car can drive on motorways, the driver must be constantly vigilant to intervene in safety-critical situations.

Vw Auto Pilot tech