VW unveils Eco Up! that runs on natural gas and biomethane image

Volkswagen launched the Eco Up!, the most economical natural gas car available worldwide, according to the German carmaker.

Running on natural gas and biomethane, the Eco Up consumes just 2.9 kilograms of natural gas (CNG = Compressed Natural Gas) per 100 kilometers. That is equivalent to CO2 emissions of just 79 g/km.

Thanks to this fuel efficiency, fuel costs are very low: in Germany, it costs just over 3 euros to travel 100 kilometers in an Eco Up!, available as a two-door and four-door. If the same Eco Up! is used in Italy, the largest market for natural gas cars in Europe, the costs drops below 3 euros per 100 km.

The Eco Up! has another card up its sleeve: it can run also on alternative fuels such as renewable biomethane. Produced from plant by-products, biomethane does not compete with food crops. It is also CO2-neutral, because the car only emits as much carbon dioxide in combustion as it absorbed while the plants were growing.

Another advantage is that new methods for producing biomethane, such as obtaining it from straw, will further reduce dependency on classic natural gas. The first facility for producing biomethane from straw has been operating in Germany since February 2012.