VW Up! GT will enter in production image

After they unveiled the f the Germans from Volkswagen will build the GT variant of the little city car – Up! GT.

Unveiled for the first time at the 2011Frankfurt Motor Show, the GT Up! concept incorporated 17-inch alloys to fill those little wheel wells, a new front end with wider grille, bigger brake ducts and integrated LED accents, as well as a diffuser, spoiler and twin exhaust pipes installed around back.

For the moment there are not many details, but we do know a few things: the little three-cylinder engine remains, but a turbo will be strapped on to it, a six-speed gearbox will be attached and 110hp will be provided.

VW says the car is in the spirit of the original Golf GTI and promises exceptional performance thanks to its low 900kg kerb weight.

No words about its price or when the production will begin, but we expect the vehicle will hit the market somewhere in 2013.