Volkswagen’s brand sales in the United States took another drop in March, a more than 10 percent plunge compared with a year earlier.

Problems at Volkswagen’s core brand are far from over in the United States, as a fix for the over-polluting diesels is nowhere in sight. Sales keep going downwards, as Volkswagen of America reported 26,914 units delivered in March, a 10.36 percent drop compared with a year earlier. With a stop-sale ban for its 2.0 TDI engines, it is no wander that the demand for the mid-sized Passat plunged by 21.8 percent, to around 6,000 models last month, while the brand’s best-selling nameplate – Jetta – fell with nearly 10 percent. The Golf hatchback also took a hit, with almost 43 fewer cars in March.

Then, what is the upside? “We are pleased with the continued strong performance of the Tiguan,” said Mark McNabb, chief operating officer, Volkswagen of America. “While overall sales saw a decline for the month, Volkswagen dealers improved in terms of retail business.” He stated the same thing a month ago, when VW posted a 13 percent decline. Sales of the recently Tiguan compact SUV were the only good news for the German brand, as the model saw a 53 percent increase from March 2015, from 2,300 to 3,519 units.

VW’s Audi unit managed however its 63rd consecutive sales record in the US for March with 18,392 vehicles delivered, an increase of 7.5 percent over the same period last year, while Porsche was up by only 32 vehicles, to 4,323.


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