VW Wastes no time, reveals Golf VIII will start manufacturing in… June 2019 image

The Volkswagen Golf is certainly for many – especially European fans – the face of the compact model, so it’s only natural to treat with utmost importance every new generation of the iconic vehicle.

But we do feel Volkswagen is certainly trying to bank on its huge success and popularity – especially since the Golf is a major cash cow for the company. First presented back in 1974 and having gone through seven generations, the Golf is now diligently preparing to appear in the form of the all-new eighth generation. And we might talk about how marketing doesn’t really need to start years before the actual product arrives, but it would be futile since VW is doing just that, revealing its new Golf model will reach the assembly line in around 75 weeks – don’t make the match, that’s around the end of June… 2019.

The automaker revealed the date during a recent event – the “Golf 8 Supplier Summit”, which was organized at the Volkswagen Arena at home in Wolfsburg, with a headcount of 180 top managers of the most important VW suppliers from the components industry meeting there. The figures are impressive as well – the development investment amounts to a huge $2.2 billion (€1.8 billion), and the eighth generation of the compact car will reach a total of 108 countries. The Wolfsburg factory – coincidentally Europe’s largest automotive manufacturing facility – will be on point, naturally, for the production duties.