Volkswagen announced it will not increase exports to China to make up for the loss in Europe.

Recent media reports have been saying that VW plans to increase exports to China to be able to lessen pressure on its European dealerships, which have seen sales barely increase so far this year. Brand Management Director Paul Hu. Mr. Hu denied these reports saying that VW usually decides its sales and production plans a year in advance, therefore it is impossible to suddenly decide to increase exports to China.

“China is not like a sponge that can take in water at any time, ” he commented.

He also added that any decisions to increase export volume will have to firs analyze product competitiveness and market conditions. Until now VW has been able to maintain steady growth in China, with sales in the country up 42% during the first ten month of the year to 57,000 vehicles. Mr. Hu also said that the automaker will not introduce a great deal of new models in 2013 as it did in recent years, but it will introduce 15 special and limited edition models.

Volkswagen reported in September its best USA posted sales results for this month since 1972, with a total of 36,339 units sold, accounting for a 34.4 percent increase over September 2011.


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